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1. The Indie Business Academy 

The enrolment process, don't stress, its easy and fast

Enrolling is simple. If you’re ready to start your new chapter just click on the Academy program and finalise your check out. From there you receive a personal welcome from me where we get your schedule underway. If you are interested but want to know more please click on the contact me page and we can go though any queries you have there.

Deciding If This Is Right For You
“Choosing the right academy is a pivotal step in your hairstyling career journey. It’s about finding a place where your creative spirit feels at home and your aspirations are nurtured. The right academy doesn’t just teach techniques; it inspires, challenges, and supports you in exploring the vast horizons of hair artistry. Take a moment to consider what you seek in your educational experience—be it innovation, community, or personalized mentorship. Your decision will lay the foundation for your growth, success, and the stylist you’re destined to become. Dive deep, explore thoroughly, and choose wisely—your future in the vibrant world of hairstyling awaits.”
What You'll Learn

We cover everything you need to know for business setup
Learn how to run a successful business
Understand industry standards
Ensure your salon is legally compliant
Learn income generation strategies
Learn how & when to increase your prices
Develop your personal brand
Learn to create attractive socials
Business set-up support
Weekly coaching calls on a Monday and Saturday
Learn all the rules and regulations of a solo salon
Learn how to structure work around you and your lifestyle
Keep up-to-date with the industry
Personal wellness & mindset coaching to avoid burnout
Marketing strategies
Access to loads design templates for socials
Business templates / contracts / agreements / spreadsheets


.Academy Program Payment Plan Options

– $59/week for 52 week

– Academy Program pay in full
AU$2500.00 and SAVE $568

Salon setup

2. Salon furniture / fit out packages

Styling Process

Step 1: Choose Your Furniture
Browse through the catalogue of salon furniture to find the pieces that best suit your style and salon vision.

Step 2: Select Quantity & Colours
Decide on the quantity of each item and colours.
Whether you’re setting up a small, intimate salon or a larger, bustling location, you can select exactly what you need to suit your space.

Step 3: Additional Funding / Extras
Need extra funds for professional stock, building and designing your salon, insurance and registration – whatever you need, we can bundle it all into one payment plan.

Step 4: Application Process
Fill out the application form along with a brief description of your setup requirements.
Once your application is submitted, our team will contact you to discuss it and go over any questions you might have./p>

Deciding If This Is Right For You
Deciding if salon furniture and equipment packages are right for you depends on your needs and budget. These packages offer a convenient, cost-effective way to outfit your salon with cohesive, professional furnishings. Ideal for new and upgrading salons, they streamline setup and ensure style consistency. However, consider the quality and functionality of the items to ensure they meet your aesthetic and operational requirements.
About our partners

With two of the top Industry Leaders  your in good hands.  Comfortel Furniture is the epitome of quality and style and a trusted brand within the industry.  HBS Basins is leading the way in superior technology and design.  And both are here at your fingertips   


We help guide you to choose not only salon furniture and equipment that suits your style but also your budget.

With the ability to pay it off over time there’s nothing stopping you from getting salon ready and start earning that dream income.  With Indies finance team available to assist you with everything you need, your one day can become your tomorrow.




mental healthSUPPORT – hosted by our neuropsychotherapist, Jan sky


3. The Accidental Therapist 

What is The Accidental Therapist

“The Accidental Therapist” is a course designed specifically for hairdressers, equipping them with essential skills to handle sensitive topics and conversations that often arise in the salon.
Recognizing that traditional apprenticeships do not provide training in advanced communication skills, this course shines a light on the often-overlooked role hairdressers play in their clients’ lives.
By participating, you’ll gain the confidence and tools to navigate these important interactions with care and professionalism, supporting both your mental health and your clients’ mental health, ensuring a supportive and respectful environment for all.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

The Accidental Therapist program benefits you and or your team you by enhancing your ability to connect with and support your clients on a deeper emotional level. It equips you with the knowledge and understanding to handle sticky situations that arise within the industry, strengthening client relationships and loyalty. This program also enriches your personal and professional growth, allowing you to offer a more holistic and fulfilling service.

About our Host

Jan Sky is a seasoned professional with a rich background in Neuropsychotherapy, coaching, and training spanning over 25 years. Her expertise lies in leadership development, coaching, and running her private therapy practice.

Internationally recognized, Jan has conducted training programs across borders. Her notable achievement includes authoring ‘The Many Parts of You, understanding the puzzle of your behaviour’. This book, based on a mapping tool she created in 2008, integrates neuroscience with brain pathways to offer profound insights into human behaviour.

Jan’s professional ethos revolves around fostering growth and helping individuals transition from mere survival to flourishing in today’s intricate world. Her commitment to understanding and enhancing human potential underscores her compassionate approach to therapy and coaching.



A one off payment of $299 for lifetime access to your program

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