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Angela Rose Lindrea, the heart and soul behind Indie Hair Academy. With 23 years of experience, Angela empowers independent hairdressers to achieve professional success, financial independence, work-life balance, and personal fulfilment


I started my home salon by accident.  I had newly separated from my husband and now I was a single mum with 2 children.  I was rebuilding my life and getting back on my feet and past clients kept finding me.  So i thought I would set up a little space in my garage and start to see clients.  I wanted to see how it would go before I invested in a full setup so I started small and then grew. After 2 years I setup my professional home salon on the Gold Coast and have not looked back.


Looking to kick-start your solo career in the hair industry? Look no further, we’ve got you covered at indie hair academy. Our comprehensive program covers everything you need to succeed. From solo hairdresser mentorship, business academy to expert guidance on business setup, marketing, and branding.  We empower hairdressers to build their own independent careers & live the life they truly desire. Join our empowering community at Indie Hair Academy today and let us help you turn your dreams into reality.

Your academy guide and mentor Angela will show you the way


“ What I love about being an independent is the freedom to pursue all the industry has to offer. There are so many opportunities in our profession, what I welcome & experience is up to me “ -


I love being able to showcase my talent the way I want to show it, how I want to show it, in loving positive environment “


“The reason I chose to go out on my own was stability, flexibility and work life balance."


What I Do


I specialize in empowering individuals to carve out their unique career paths. By offering personalised guidance and resources, I help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with building a career on your own terms.

 My goal is to provide the tools, mentorship, and support you need to establish and thrive in your independent career. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, I’m here to help you succeed and achieve your professional dreams.

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